I mightn’t Touch a Bisexual Woman having a Bargepole

The ambiguous management of bisexuality reflects the battle to stabilise built boundaries up against the pull of fluid, and thus threatening, margins, and also this seems to be believed believe it or not keenly by visitors.

The test included 28 articles coded as concentrating mainly on bisexuality; of the, 21 are visitors’ letters. This by itself is indicative regarding the nature of discourse on bisexuality as you of contest and debate, and these letters constitute two split (though virtually identical) talks that take spot between dilemmas 31 and 35 (1998/1999; Discussion 1) and dilemmas 48 and 51 (2000; Discussion 2). Interestingly, Gamson ( 1996 , p. 404) additionally notes that the 2 major ‘letters column controversies’ in bay area’s Bay occasions when you look at the 1990s concern bisexuals and people that are transgendered. Wakeford’s ( 1998 ) interviewee, owner of lesbian listserve Bay region Cyber Dykes, also highlights the prevalence of these debates: ‘It occurs every couple of weeks and you may almost just depend on it. It’s love, gee we now haven’t had the Great Bisexual Debate in a little while. It is coming!’ (p. 187). Gamson’s ( 1996 ) and Wakeford’s ( 1998 ) data coincide, temporally, with mine. Though we emphasise once again the historic nature with this analysis, especially in so far as it may be taken fully to characterise DIVA, i might explain that Crowley ( 2010 , p. 397) way more recently identifies another, similar online conversation by which one poster writes, ‘seriously if we see this fucking thread yet another time’. Continue reading “I mightn’t Touch a Bisexual Woman having a Bargepole”